Dr. Andy Boynton - August 28, 2013
The Valente Center for Arts and Sciences and the MBA Program invite you to hear Dr. Andy Boynton in the studio on Thursday, 8/29, from 3:00 - 5:00. He will hold an open discussion about his work on innovation and creativity, his work with the founders of IDEO (a world renowned Design Company) and his leadership experiences at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Dr. Andy Boynton is Dean of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, one of the world’s leading business schools. He is the author of several books and co-creator of DeepDive™, the world’s leading methodology for helping executives harness the power of teams to significantly improve problem-solving speed, innovation and results. Prior to joining Boston College, Boynton was a professor of strategy at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland for 10 years. At the IMD he led a faculty team and was program director of one of the world’s top ten Executive MBA programs, as recognized by BusinessWeek. Boynton has recently launched new research projects to explore how distinguished experts from a variety of knowledge-domains work with ideas to achieve professional success and improve their effectiveness in social networks. His latest book, The Idea Hunter: How to Find the Best Ideas and Make them Happen (Jossey-Bass), is based on this research and is co-authored with Bill Fischer and William Bole. He has also published extensively on factors underlying high-performing teams across a variety of disciplines, including art, science, exploration, and design. His previous books include Virtuoso Teams: Lessons from Teams That Changed Their Worlds (Financial Times-Prentice Hall) and Invented Here: Maximizing Your Organization’s Internal Growth and Profitability (Harvard Business School Press). He blogs at Forbes: www.forbes.com/sites/andyboynton/‎ More info at http://www.bc.edu/content/bc/schools/csom/faculty/bios/boynton.html